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Code Description Sale
Unit Regular
FWBB Ball Brauser (bonsai waterer)

Not available

  each 20.00
VF2 Finn top, natural colours

Not available

  100g 9.00


  • This section lists felting supplies and special fibres that do not fit into any of the other product categories
  • Items will disappear from this section as they are sold, and others will take their place



Ball Brauser (bonsai waterer)


  • Great for wetting down felt projects
  • Squeeze the bulb and place it in your soap solution to fill
  • While it fills, you can use a second Ball Brauser to spray your work
  • They wet everything very evenly
  • Less finger fatigue compared to spraying with a pump sprayer


Not available

FWBB - ball brauser



Finn top, natural colours


  • Felts beautifully and fairly fast
  • The micron count is 28 to 30
  • Finn wool is very similar in appearance to Blue Faced Leicester
  • In my trials, this fibre felts somewhere between Merino and Blue Faced Leicester



  • 100 - natural black - Not available
  • 101 - natural white - Not available
  • 105 - natural grey - Not available



  • we do not carry natural brown
  • natural black wool fibres are actually very dark brown


VF2 - natural colours


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