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Newsletter 2005

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29 January 2005

We'll be really busy this spring and summer. In addition to attending various seminars, we'll be conducting a number of workshops on cobweb felting and fibre blending.

Our new Patrick Green Elsacard is a bigger and faster version of the Supercard. It enables us to keep up with demand with no loss of quality. Batts and rovings made from our lively fleeces are offered without further processing, and some are dyed and/or blended with other fibres in combinations of colours.

We have tidied up the web site. The fibres and blends now listed are our most popular ones, but we still do supply any proportion and percentage of blends on request. For example, instead of listing Polwarth mohair 80/20 and 70/30, it will be listed as 80/20. If you want 70/30 or 50/50 just ask. The work of blending is the same, and the price difference will be minimal unless there is a big difference in the proportion of an expensive fibre, such as silk.

We will be adding several new fleeces: Border Leicester lamb, Wensleydale, Cormo, and possibly Cotswold and Teeswater depending on availability. As soon as they arrive and I can start processing them, they'll be put on the website. All these fleeces are from producers who are known for their excellent quality fleeces, and most are from covered sheep.

26 February 2005

New in stock:

  • From Fine Fiber Press, books by Pat Spark: Making Faces, and Fundamentals of Felt Making, also prefelt merino squares for felting or needlefelting.
  • From Fiber Trends: needlefelting starter kits, needles, and knit/felt patterns

New fleeces:

  • Icelandic lamb, soft and gorgeous
  • Lustrous longwools: Wensleydale and Border Leicester
  • Awaiting delivery of Teeswater and Cotswold

Kit containing Sari Silk skein and Jewel Drape pattern from Fiddlesticks Knitting, for fast and easy capelet.

8 March 2005

Teeswater fleece is now available. This is a rare, fine, lustrous longwool from a coated, prize winning flock. It is a spectacular wool with a staple length of 13-18cm (5-7") and is available as batts or washed locks.

23 April 2005

Romeldale and Cotswold fleeces are now available.

In order to make it easier for you to navigate our web site we have rearranged the side bar to list the various fibres by fibre type: exotic fibres, fine & medium wools, long wools, and vegetable fibres.

To locate a particular product or fibre, first click on the product category in the side bar, then click on the product name.

18 May 2005

We spent an enjoyable weekend at the Ontario Handspinners and Weavers Conference in Kingston. This is our third year in business and it's lovely to see many familiar and new faces at each event, including Carol Arthur from Alberta who brought her lovely Shetland fleeces. The sales room was spacious and well set out. Thanks to the organizers for all your hard work - you did a great job!

I swore not to buy any more fleeces, but you know how it is. There's always room for a few more! I bought two gorgeous clean Romney x Icelandic fleece from Chris English of Enuff farm, which are soft and fine and will be perfect for both spinning and felting. I also couldn't resist another very clean and unusual fleece from Linda Swain of Rosehaven Farm, an Isle de France, which I hadn't heard of before. It's white, fairly fine with lots of crimp.

We stayed overnight with Nancy Carr (Silver Cloud Alpacas) and her husband Paul, where we were introduced to the herd. Nancy gave us a great "fibre while it's still on the animal" tour, so of course we had to order several more alpaca fleeces. All the space made in the van from selling fibre was more than filled up with the new fleeces. Well, it makes for a nice summer of processing.

The Ontario Handspinning Seminar is fast approaching, the 3rd 4th and 5th of June in London. Hope to see many of you there!

25 June 2005

The annual Ontario Handspinning Seminar in London Ontario has come and gone once again. At each event we get to know more people and enjoy seeing old friends - chatting about fibres and picking up new ideas. There were lots of vendors this year and it's always fun to browse around other peoples tables - everyone seems to have a slightly different line of goods. I had to be careful not to spend more that I was making.

The venue was perfect - at Kings College beside the Thames River, and the sales room was large and airy. I had no idea that London was such a vibrant and lovely city. At 11pm we drove through town looking for our motel, and the streets were full of people sitting outside cafes and restaurants, coming out of the theatre and nightclubs, and standing in groups chatting. The streets, with the old stone buildings and large leafy trees, are really lovely.

Felters take note: If any of you have tried and loved the Norwegian Pelsau/Gotland wool, but are put off by the price and the expense of importing it from the States, I have just processed some very similar fleece from Enuff Farm in Ontario. It is a Romney/Icelandic cross bred and is a combination of very fine thel-like fibre with not quite so fine crimpy locks. It is fast felting with a nice smooth surface. It is perfect for articles like vests or vessels. I made a nice scarf too which isn't itchy for me, but I don't have a sensitive neck! It's available in white, medium grey natural, and hand dyed purple batts, about 60-80cm by 120cm (24-30" by 48").

Another new felting fibre is Isle de France from Rosehaven Farm. This was a new breed to me. It is the result of a cross between a Merino and an English Leicester, and is considered a medium wool. This is available in natural white batts or dyed rovings.

19 November 2005

We've reorganised the web site to add new products and to make it easier to navigate. Also, we'll soon have pictures of all our products, including each different colour option that we offer.

As part of the change we've added a new section, Other Fibres, which lists those special fibres and supplies that are not part of our regular product line.

For example, I recently went to the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto and came home the proud owner of three excellent fleeces which will be on the web site very soon:

  • overall Grand Champion fleece - a lovely grey Romney longwool
  • overall 4th place fleece - also a grey Romney longwool
  • 2nd place medium wool - a white, long staple Corridale

We are excited to announce that we'll soon be a representative for Treetops Colour Harmonies from Australia. Treetops is well known for high quality silks and merino, having wonderful unique colours. Initially, we'll be selling Treetops new "Nuance" 18 micron merino in fifteen colours - fabulous for both spinning and felting. Also, bombyx and tussah Harmonies and silk laps. Information and pictures will be added to the site as soon as we recieve our shipment from Australia.

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